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George is older than Harry tbh x

Welp kind anon thank you for that. I obviously wasn’t aware of that. Oops.

And you got my hopes up, I thought this was a prompt.

xx L

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Part One

Harry watched as George laid in his arms. His eyes shut tight, his breathing still heavy.

"I love you." The younger lad said through his heavy breathing, making Harry smile widely.

"Say it again." Harry said softly, running his fingers up and down his boyfriends spine.

George opened his eyes. His brown orbs now staring into the green orbs he was now completely head over heels in love with. “I said, I love you.”

"Again." Harry demanded, a smile on his face.

George let out a sigh. “I. Love. You.” he said slowly, causing the older lad to laugh. “Now you say it, or no more sex.” he grinned, knowing very well Harry couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

"I love you." It came out of Harry’s mouth so fast, George laughed. "More than anything, ever." Harry stated, giving a small nod and smile.

"I love you more than that." George stated, pulling away from Harry. "I got an interview." he frowned. "I’ll be home late. Don’t wait up, babe." he stated as he got out of the bed and quickly got dressed.


I’m glad that you liked it. :D

xx L

Sorry I haven’t been on in days guys.

I’ve been working the last 6 days, and I have to work the next 6 days.

So while I’m here, send me some prompts.

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No het huh?

No, we do write het.

If you read the FAQ it says that.

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To be completely honest with you, anon, I had no idea what Sheyles was….sorry.

"So you and George Shelley, huh?" Harry blushed a bit as he heard the questioned. He just gave a nod, as a huge grin appeared on his face.

"They’re in love." Louis chimed in, and Harry glared over at the lads, not wanting them to say anymore about his current relationship.

"How did the two of you meet?" The interviewer continued to question about his relationship.

"We met on the x-factor. And if we could just not discuss my relationship further, George and I would like to keep it private, for the time being." Harry retorted, at this point all he wanted to do was go home and crawl into bed with George.


Once the interview ended the 5 went their separate ways, and Harry practically bolted out of the door. Trying to get home as fast as he possibly could.

Once he opened the door to their shared flat, George’s head popped around the corner. A huge smile appeared on his face.

"You’re home!" The younger lad exclaimed as he made his way to Harry and practically jumped into his opened arms. "How was your day?"

"Long. I missed you." Harry informed his boyfriend, nuzzling his head into his neck. "I wish I never had to leave you." he mumbled, kissing the side of George’s neck, making him laugh.

"I wish you never had to leave either."


I tried my very best. I’m sorry if this sucks. :(

x L

I’m bored. I don’t have to work. Our ask is empty. Someone change that? It could literally be anything.


xx L

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Part One

Whilst Harry was in the bathroom, he came up with a plan to tease Louis. Quickly undressing, he continued on with the conversation he was having with Louis.

"I don’t care how ‘hot’ you think it is, Tomlinson." He stated, a small smirk on his lips. "You’re mine and only mine."

"I know baby." Louis whined, as Harry heard the door knob juggle. "Come out, please?" he pleaded.

"Leave me alone, Louis."

"Fine." Louis huffed. It wasn’t long until Harry heard him walk away from the door, a smirk still placed on his lips.

He was in there for another 5 minutes before he unlocked the bathroom door, grinning as he heard it click, and opened it.

He spotted Louis sitting on their shared bed in the mirror, and grinned even more, before stepping out. Keeping his head down he walked out of the bathroom, hearing the inhuman noise that came from his boyfriend.

"Harry…" Louis said slowly, getting off of the bed. Harry looked up at him, raising his eyebrow the slightest bit.

"Yeah?" he questioned, watching as his boyfriend came and stood in front of him, reaching out to pull him into him. "Ah! No touching."

Louis whined a bit, catching Harry’s eyes. “C’mon, baby.”

Harry just shook his head, and continued past Louis. “Shouldn’t have flirted with the others.” he simply stated, climbing onto the second bed.


Welp, this isn’t my best.

xx L

Please give me something to do and leave me some prompt.

If you do, I’ll love you forever.

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I’m just saying, but I think you guys should send me some prompts.

pretty please?

Harry looked up from his computer screen as he heard the door open. He watched as Liam walked back into the room, a grin on his face. He looked at the older lad, a bit confused, before he allowed his eyes to scan his body.

A small gasp came from his mouth as he see the freshly wrapped tattoo that was located on the older lads left forearm.

"Liam…" Harry said catching his attention.

"Oh, hey Haz." The older lad greeted, taking a seat on his bed.

"What’s that?" Harry asked, poking the black film that he knew was hiding a new tattoo. Liam winced in pain as Harry poked at it again.

"Stop, you know what it is." He stated, moving his arm. Harry frowned as he looked at Liam.

"You didn’t invite me." The younger lad pouted.

"Because you were busy…" Liam stated, rolling his eyes at Harry’s childish antics.

"But Lee-yummm!" Harry whined, and Liam groaned.

"You were with Zayn." Liam mumbled. "You already had plans." He stated as he got up, not wanting to sit there and hear Harry whine about it anymore.

"You’re an arsehole." Harry mumbled, crossing his arms across his chest as he watched Liam walk out of the room.


xx L

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